Ahh look it’s my home

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Seems I actually start using tumblr and actively keeping up with it when I’m doing exams…

You’re not really dying. You’re just going home.


Green Day Singles (1994 - 2012)

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Xidayinggang Twin Bridge by CA Group, photographed by Montse Zamora.

The form of the bridges is a reference to mountains which are absent in this particular region of China. The shape also suits the structural system of the arched suspension bridge. What’s unique about this bridge is that the arches jump from side to side, making the bridge more dynamic while also ensuring that they have the same sort of formal legibility from more angles.

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Harrison Roberts.

Up and coming Civil and Environmental Engineer.

Physics and Calculus. With a side of Chemistry and Biology, if you catch my drift.

Engineering Student at the University of Auckland, New Zealand

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